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Episode 50 (Season 2 Finale) Summary: X-Men Animals, Life’s Hard Pills to Swallow w/ Chachmyer and R U URBAN w/ The Beardy 5

Episode 50 Info Episode 50 Season 2 Episode 24 Run Time: 2hr 43m 4s Date Published: August 6th, 2018 Guest Host: Chachmyer (Host) & R U URBAN – Hosts of the Beardy 5 Podcast ( Sid and Jess) Episode 50 Topics: – X-Men Animals – Life’s Hard Pills to Swallow – TNT’s New Car – […]

Episode 34 (S2E8) Summary: New Year’s Quickiesode and Dr. Youngblood Interview Part 3

Episode 34 Info Episode 34 Season 2 Episode 8 Run Time: 1hr 31m 37s Date Published: January 1, 2018 Guest Host: Dr. Raymond Youngblood (Interview) Episode 34 Topics: – Strange New Years Traditions – Part 3 of our interview with Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr. Topic Summary/Questions Strange New Years Traditions – We discuss Strange New […]

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