CTP Game: R U Urban? (RUU) Results


“R U URBAN?” is a game that is played on The Crazy Town Podcast.

The game is an “UrbanDictionary.com” based game where the contestants test their knowledge of unique slang submitted by random users to Urban Dictionary.

How the Game works

– 2-4 contestants
– 10 words from Urban Dictionary
– Contests either guess the word from the definition or the definition from the word
– Question is asked to one player, if correct 1 point
– If incorrect, the next player can answer for 2 pts, then 3pts, then 4pts (depending on number of players)
– If no player gets correct, Jonaas give 1 “Pity Point” for most creative, funny, or unique answer
– Player with most points after 10 words wins


TNT Dinomight : @tntdinomight

All Time RUU Records

TNT Dinomight
* (4-1) – 0.800
Melody Peng
* (1-2) – 0.333
Sid (Co-Host of the Beardy 5 Podcast)
* (0-1) – 0.000
Jess (Co-Host of the Beardy 5 Podcast)
* (0-1) – 0.000
* (0-2) – 0.000

RUU Game Breakdowns

Season 1

Episode 18
– TNT Dinomight def. Chachmyer, Sid, & Jess

Season 2

Episode 2
– TNT Dinomight def. Chachmyer

Episode 4
– Melody Peng def. TNT Dinomight

Episode 6
– TNT Dinomight def. Melody Peng

Episode 10
– TNT Dinomight def. Melody Peng

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