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Friends of The Crazy Town

**Music for the Show Provided By:**

1. Misfit Toy Records:
* Website:
* Follow/Subscribe on: YouTube / Facebook

2. Something Involving a Monkey (Band):
* Follow/Subscribe on: YouTube / Facebook

3. Dave Garot (Musician):
* Follow/Subscribe on: YouTube / Sound Cloud

**Podcasts that Have Been on the Show**

1. Super Pee Pee Time Podcast [Guest Host]:
* Follow/Listen on: Twitter / SoundCloud / ITunes
* Follow Host: Jeff Mac

2. The Beardy 5 Podcast [Guest Host / Are You Urban]:
* Follow/Listen on: Twitter / ITunes / Instagram

3. The SexworkBB Podcast [Interview]:
* Follow/Listen on: Twitter / Sound Cloud
* Follow Hosts: Kyra Kane and Shaye Taylor(No Longer on Twitter/Host of Show)

4. The Johnny White Trash Show [Guest Host]:
* Follow/Listen on: Twitter / YouTube
* Website: Johnny White Trash’s Website

5. The Pod Couple Podcast [Guest Hosts]:
* Follow/Listen on: Twitter / Spotify
* Website: The Pod Couple Website

**Gaming Channel Guest Hosts**

1.Adam Nutter [Guest Host]: Comedian &Co-host of The Nerds with Words Podcast
* Follow Adam on Twitter
*Follow The Nerds with Words Podcast on: Twitter / Podcast Website

**Friends of the Show**

1. Tom & Steve Show:
* Follow/Subscribe on: Twitter / Itunes
* Jonaas on the Show: Hear their interview with Jonaas

2. PJ Stover: A Great Voice Over Talent. If you need any audio work done. Hit her up!
* Follow/Subscribe to her: Twitter / Her Website:

3. Bearded WisDumb Podcast:
* Follow/Subscribe on: Twitter / Blog Talk Radio
* Jonaas on the Show: Jonaas Plays the Desert Island Game with the Guys
* Follow Hosts: Tokeo Jamison and Seth Cummings

4. Kay Kutta [Interview]: Tattoo Artist / Ink Master Season 2 Contestant
* Follow/Subscribe to his: Twitter / Instagram / His Website: Kay Kutta’s Website

5. Melody Peng [Guest Host / Are You Urban]: Actress & Entertainer Extraordinaire!
* Follow/Subscribe to her: Twitter / Her Website:

6. Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr. [Interview]: International Gold Miner
* Follow/Subscribe to his: Twitter / His Website:

7. Darrin Pfeiffer [Interview]: Drummer-(Goldfinger, Sum 41, Punk Rock Karaoke) & Radio/Podcast Host
* Follow Darrin on: His Personal Twitter / Punk Rock Karaoke Twitter / Dangerous Darrin Show Twitter /
* Website: Dangerous Darrin Show Website

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