About The Crazy Town

The Crazy Town Podcast is a show built up in the mind of one man, your host Jonaas. He brings along his Co-Host TNT Dinomight and a rotating caravan of characters to ride along on the journey to The Crazy Town with them. The show may not always make sense to you, but it will to Jonaas and that is what this podcast is all about.

The Crazy Town is a place where you can go to get away from anything in your life driving you insane and just be yourself and relax, regardless of how crazy or weird that is to anyone else. The world is full of people pretending to be all sorts of things and you do not have to do that here. It will become anything you would like it to be, an ever evolving environment where nothing makes sense to you, yet everything slowly becomes perfectly clear at the same time.

You can’t understand why something is happening? You can blame it on The Crazy Town. Do you need clarification on things lingering around you? Wander over to the Crazy Town. You need to get away from it all? Build your own Crazy Town, but don’t break ours down in the process.

By coming here and joining us, you are everything to The Crazy Town. Yet the Crazy Town will not dissolve when you are gone. It will continue to exist long after we are gone whether we all realize it or not. It is not a physical place, but a virtual sanctuary for everyone and no one at the same time. Journey onward to the Crazy Town and engulf yourself in the illusions of grandeur while secretly succumbing to its grasp.

Welcome everyone…. Welcome to the Crazy Town.

You have bought the ticket, now enjoy the ride. There’s no turning back now.

Your Hosts


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Jonaas is a regular man who needed a release from everyday life to keep himself and his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances away from the Crazy Town as long as possible. That is where the Crazy Town was built, and that is what the Crazy Town is built upon.

Born in a small town in Northeast Ohio, Jonaas spent much of his early years figuring out how not to die of boredom, pick up a drug habit, or have a baby as a teenager out of wedlock. Luckily he succeeded in all three of those endeavors and made it out of the small suburb of hell he spent much of his adolescent life in. He spent his early adult years gaining lots of education (that he probably wont ever use) while amassing large amounts of student loan debt, all while moving around NE Ohio.

Jonaas finally made the move to Texas as an adult, where he will probably stay til he dies or the world ends. (Mainly because he can wear shorts and no coat every day of his life). His is quick witted, sarcastic, and tends to play devil’s advocate in every single situation he encounters. Basically, he is your average crazy person.

TNT Dinomight

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The Rock’s charisma. Elon Musk’s genius. Channing Tatum’s rugged aesthetics. Lebron James’ physical prowess. Many things make a man great and now “the ineffable” TnT Dinomight, lover of all life great and small. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, some say his strength grows with every game the Browns lose. Some feel he is the “not so musically inclined” return of Prince (rest in peace dear brother). Others may look at him as just some guy from Cleveland. All these assessments are true but deviate from his true goal.

TnT Dinomight is here to entertain you (the best he can) educate you (with what little he knows) and most of all be your friend (don’t ask him for money).


Let me be serious with everyone for a second…

This podcast is all about having fun and being goofy and poking fun at things.

Nothing should be taken super serious, and the hosts and anyone else involved in this podcast are great people who have no prejudices of any sort, in any way shape or form.

This podcast is a work of fiction, please keep that in mind even though real life events and stories are discussed.

If anyone is offended or feels that they have been wronged, let us please apologize up front as that is not our intent in any way shape or form.

Feel free to contact us directly at crazytownpodcast@gmail.com if you need to discuss anything about the show with us.

Thank you and enjoy!

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