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Crazy Town Reviews Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s Concert at Stubbs – 5/17/18

Crazy Town Reviews Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s Concert at Stubbs

Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise w/ Brent Cowles
Venue: Stubbs – Austin, TX
Date: May 17th, 2018

The early summer weather was starting to heat up to temperatures in the 90’s in Texas, which is well above normal for this time of year. This show was originally going to be at a smaller venue and due to such large demand, it was moved to the classic Austin venue Stubbs BBQ. A giant crowd was already on hand by the time I had arrived at the venue. It was about as jammed packed as I had ever seen Stubbs, so I was sure it would be one hell of a show.

Brent Cowles

The opening act was a band/artist named Brent Cowles, formerly of the band “You, Me and Apollo”. His sound was a unique mix of blues, rock, and maybe a little country all meshed together but it melded like a finely tuned recipe that had been perfected over the years. The vocal range of Cowles has to be one of the best in the industry for up and coming artists, as he is able to hit levels that only some could dream of. The stage presence and groovy vibe he puts out really had the crowd moving and dancing around like no one was watching, especially when he played his hit song “Cold Times”.

Brent Cowles really knew how to get the crowd involved and moving and was a great choice to open for Rainbow Kitten Suprise. Solid 7 of 10 and over the next few years watch out for this man rising to superstardom!

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Once Rainbow Kitten Surprise hit the stage, the crowd was packed in tight like a can of sardines with hardly any room to squeeze down toward the front of the stage. From the second their set started, until the last note was played they provided one of the highest energy shows I had see in a long time.

Sam Melo, the lead vocalist is the maestro behind the high energy vibe to the band. He was constantly moving around the stage, spinning and twirling his arms, each time eliciting screams from the fans. The effects of the lighting, only added to the energy as the quick color and pattern changes, really added to the shows dynamic feel.

RKS played a large sample of their catalog, The played a large amount of tracks from the new album released 2018 How to: Love, Friend, Freefall, which is amazing and 100% worth checking out if you have not heard it yet. They also reached into older albums RKS and Seven Mary, which are both absolutely phenomenal as well. Their lasted for about 90 minutes and went through about 20 tracks from their music catalog.

The crowd interaction with this show was something I had never seen before. No wonder there was such a large demand to move the show to Stubbs after the original venue sold out. The crowd was loudly singing along throughout almost every track, from the hits, to the B-sides! I have to admit that as a casual fan, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of fan dedication to the music of RKS.

One things that I found quite surprising about the set list for this show is that RKS played what I would consider their 3 most popular songs in the middle of the set. “Devil Like Me”, “Cocaine Jesus” (video below), and my personal Favorite “First Class” (video below). I thought that this was a great change, as most bands make their fans wait til near the end of their set to hear the most popular songs.

Rainbow Kitten Suprise completely blew me away with their performance. I was a casual fan befor ethe show, and I have to say that iI walked away a little more of a fan due the sheer stage show they were able to put on. This is a band on the rise and even if you are not a fan, you should definitely check out a RKS show. 9 out of 10.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Videos

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