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Crazy Town Reviews Metalachi’s Concert at The Scoot Inn – 5/10/18

Crazy Town Reviews Metalachi’s Concert at The Scoot Inn

Artist: Metalachi w/ Money Chica
Venue: The Scoot Inn – Austin, TX
Date: May 10th, 2018

It was a great night for a concert at The Scoot Inn in Austin Texas. To top it off we were live to see the one and only Metalachi! If you are unfamiliar who Metalachi is, they are the world’s first and only heavy metal Mariachi band. The band consists of 2 guitars, a trumpet and a violin player along with their singer. The band plays covers of hard rock and metal songs, with a Mariachi band twist. Add in their costumes and stage show and it becomes a cant miss event.

Money Chica

The opening act was a band called Money Chica. It was a five member group consisting of a keyboard player, congo drummer, drummer, bass and guitar. The band plays only instrumentals and musical style meshes a mix of salsa, funk , and rock sounds that got the entire crowd moving and dancing. They only played a handful of songs, and definitely warmed the crown up for the main attraction… Metalachi!

For having a short set, and playing only instrumental music, Money Chica really knew how to get the crowd moving. 7 of 10.


When Metalachi took the stage the crowd erupted with noise and excitement that I had hardly ever seen before. Not only does Metalachi perform hard rock and metal covers with a mariachi twist, they do it damn well. (You haven’t lived until you hear classic rock songs lead being played on a violin by the way.) They started the show off with 2 classic hard rock songs: Journey’s “Final Countdown” and Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”.

The bands lead Singer Vega de la Rockha leads the way with high energy and moving around the stage pumping up the crowd. The show stops every couple songs for banter between the band members and crowd interaction. The band is truly a set of performers that gets what needs to be done to entertain the crowd.

After the first two songs they went on to banter with the crowd in regard to standing too close to the stage. They referred to the first two rows of people closest to the stage as being in the “Splash Zone” and they may end up pregnant after the show. This type of humor set the stage for what sort of show e were in for and Metalachi did not disappoint as the show progressed.

The next few songs that were played were The Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”, Sublime’s “Santeria, and Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer” than transitioned into “La Bamba”. After these songs the band advised they would play something for the metal heads in the crowd.

They started discussing that even though metal heads have little black hearts, they can cry little black tears which lead perfectly into Slayer’s “Raining Blood”. Which I have to say was one of the most entertaining songs of the evening due to the sheer complexing of the music. To be able to perform hat in a mariachi way was absolutely amazing. Next was Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” which had one of the loudest crowd interactions singing along of the night.

From there they invited fan from the crowd to the stage who had been to tons of their shows in the past, as it was his “21st” birthday. I couldn’t quite tell if that was true, but the man definitely looked older than 21. They had him walk up on stage and poured a shot off of the crotch on the trumpet player, El Cucuy, into the mouth of Ray. They followed that up by singing Ray Happy Birthday! Im sure that will be one Ray will soon not forget!

They banter switched tracks and started focusing on cougars, which many sexual innuendos were made as they segwayed into Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”. But what came next was one of the most memorable spots of the night. They invited a fan on stage and sat her in a chair. Metalachi started play Poison’s “Every Rose has its Thorn”.

Vega de la Rockha was straddling the female fan and dry humping her all throughout the song. At different points their sister, who plays violin in the band came up and threw her leg over the fans shoulder, and after words the trumpet player El Cucuy confronted her and talked about how she had already had his brother and sister and she needed some of him as well. At once point even telling the fan that “She looked scared”. She was a good sport about it all and as she walked of of the stage they advised her that she was now pregnant.

From there the show began wrapping up. The Played a song in Spanish that I did not recognize the name of, Iron Maiden’s “Sands of Time”, finished out their set with The classic Mariachi song “Cielto Lito”. The did come out to do one encore song, Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

One of my favorite parts of the show was when the last song ended, they thanked everyone for coming out and advised the crowd that if you enjoyed the show, they were Metalachi and if you didn’t enjoy the show that they were Nickelback.

This was the first time I had ever seen Metalachi in concert and you can guarantee I will be heading out to see them every time I can moving forward. A Metalachi show is cant miss, and if you have a chance to see them in your town you better be there. You will regret it every day if you do not make it out. Absolutely 10 out of 10. Music and stage show is nothing like you have ever seen before. I guarentee it!

Metalachi Videos

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