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Episode 44 (S2E18) Summary: Big Brother is Watching, 3rd Thumbs for Humans, & Raves R Us

Episode 44 Info

Episode 44
Season 2 Episode 18
Run Time: 1hr 1m 41s
Date Published: May 14th, 2018
Guest Host: None

Episode 44 Topics:

– 3rd Thumbs for Humans
– China’s New Social Credit System
– Drunk Truckers
– North Korea’s New Basketball Rules
– Rave R US
– Heroic Dog Saving Fail

Topic Summary/Questions

3rd Thumbs for Humans

– How the hell are humans going to get a 3rd thumb?
– Who is behind this?
– How does TNT Dinomight feel about this?

China’s New Social Credit System

– Why is this new social credit system being compared to Big Brother?
– What happens when you get a low Social rating?
– Is there any positives?

Drunk Truckers

– What was so dangerous about his drunk trucker, besides being drunk?

North Korea’s

– What are N. Korea’s new rules for basketball?

Drunk Truckers

– How did this Rave get dubbed, Raves R Us

Heroic Dog Saving Fail

– What did one man do to save a neighbors dog?
– What did TNT Dinomight guess that happened?
– Why did this guy get arrested afterwards?

Listen to Season 2 Episode 18 (Episode 44) on Sound Cloud below:

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