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Crazy Town Reviews Kiefer Sutherland’s Concert at Antone’s – 5/2/18

Crazy Town Reviews Kiefer Sutherland’s Concert at Antone’s

Artist: Kiefer Sutherland w/ Rick Brantley
Venue: Antone’s – Austin, TX
Date: May 2nd, 2018

When it comes to Keifer Sutherland, the first most people would think of is his acting career. 24, The Lost Boys, Flatliners, and most recently Designated Survivor. But he also has a budding music career and I was lucky enough to be able to see the his show at Antone’s in Austin Texas for The Crazy Town.

I personally had never been to Antones, bit the history of this classic venue runs deep. Its been around in Austin in different locations since 1975. Its hosted such legends as B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles, James Brown, and even Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Rick Brantley

The opening act was a singer/songwriter named Rick Brantley. This son of a baptist preacher from Macon GA, stood alone on stage with his acoustic guitar. He bellowed authentic, emotion evoking, songs while telling stories in between which gave the crowd a little glimpse into his soul.

My favorite track of his poked fun at the sexual premiscuity of a family, all while being light hearted and getting crowd involved with a “whoo hoo” chant part of the chorus. One part of this song I thought was quite witty and relatable to present day was when had had spoke about all of the family member insinuating sexual activity, he spoke about the sister being on the webcam, suggesting she was a webcam model.

A few of his songs we upbeat, but alot were what I would call typical cowboy acoustic country music (he did confess to always wanting to be a cowboy his whole life). His songs told stories of old love, drinking, ending up in jail and he even mentioned how much he missed his dog and cat encouraging fans to show their pictures to him after the show. (Mention songs in this paragraph)

He even showed a dark sense of humor that caught a mixed reaction from the crowd. Once he had sang a few sad songs, he made a joke in jest that ” He sold razors back at the merch table if that was your thing” having a dark sense of humor myself, I thought it fit quite perfectly and his timing was impeccable.

Personally, I am not a hug fan of this type of music but I will tell you Rick Brantley has one hell of a stage presence. His music was great and although not what I normally listen to, I was thoroughly entertained by his set! 7 of 10.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer hit the stage, with glass of whiskey in hand, around 915pm. His band mates consisted of 5 members total including 3 guitarists, bass and drums. The sound of the band covered different genres of music ranging from old school country, current country, and rock n roll. The way the band glided through genres was seamless as if they had played together for decades.

One of the first things Kiefer mentioned to the crowd was that he was thankful the fans showed up to see his show and it was appreciated. For being a famous actor appearing in countless movies and films over the last couple of decades, Kiefer came across surprisingly humble and modest about his music. I am not sure if this was since he is new to the music scene, or if this is just part of his general personality. Regardless, even if I had no idea who Kiefer Sutherland was, he would have come across as a genuine person who was thankful for his opportunity to play in front of this crowd.

As he played through his hits, he stopped between songs to tell little stories to the crowd. From his love of classic country artists because their songs told stories of their life mistakes, or how making his music has been the best experience of his life. He also made sure the crowd knew he loved being able to share his music with crowds across the country.

Throughout the show he played a few covers: Patty Loveless’s “Blame it on Your Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart”, Merle Haggart’s “The Bottle Let Me Down”, & Tom Petty’s “Honey Bee”. All which were beautifully done, paying respects to each artist before playing their tune. He finished out the show with a song called “Down in a Hole” Which was one of the heaviest rock n’ roll style tunes of the night and a fitting end of the show.

The band did come back out to play few encore songs, which were honestly my favorite 3 songs of the night. “Rebel Wind” and “Agave” were originals, and he end the show with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”. He did share a personal; story of why the Bob Dylan cover meant so much to him.

The story began with him advising he didn’t get to see his father often as a kid because he was always away working. (His father is famous actor Donald Sutherland for those who are unaware). There was one time after his parents divorced, that he was left alone with his father and sister and it was one of his most fond memories of childhood. But during this time his father would play an 8 track of a Bob Dylan album over and over again. So that song reminds him of quality time he got to spend with his dad and sister.

Country music isn’t one of my favorite styles of music. But Kiefer Sutherland was able to make this show out of this world. For someone who is an actor first, his stage presence and ability to work the crowd was tremendous and worth seeing live if you ever get the chance. I would give his set a stellar 8 out of 10.

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