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Episode 41 (S2E15) Summary: Sinister Alexa, AI Lawyers, & PJ Stover Interview

Episode 41 Info

Episode 41
Season 2 Episode 15
Run Time: 1hr 3m 35s
Date Published: April 2nd, 2018
Guest Host: PJ Stover – Interview

Episode 41 Topics:

– AI Taking Over Lawyers
– Sinister Alexa
– PJ Stover Interview

Topic Summary/Questions

AI Taking Over Lawyers

– How is AI starting to take over for Lawyers?
– Do lawyers think this is a good thing?
– Just how much better is the AI than the lawyers?

Sinister Alexa

– What sort of sneaky things are hidden in Google and Amazon’s patents?
– How does TNT feel about his Alexa?
– What do the guys suggest TNT does to test this theory?

Interview with PJ Stover (Professional Voice Over Talent)

* Follow PJ on: Twitter
* Website: PJ’s Website

PJ Discusses
– Her previous careers such as wrestler, stunt woman, radio DJ, & actress
– What movie did she wrestle a famous celebrity?
– What kids TV show did she do stunts for?

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Sinister Alexa
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Interview with PJ Stover (Professional Voice Over Talent)

* Follow PJ on: Twitter
* Website: PJ’s Website

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