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Crazy Town Reviews Electric Six’s Concert at Stubbs (Indoors) – 3/30/18

Crazy Town Reviews Electric Six @ Stubbs (Indoors)

Artist: Electric Six w/ Northern Faces
Venue: Stubbs BBQ (Indoors) – Austin, TX
Date: March 30, 2018

Concert season is just starting to kick off in Austin, and what a better way to welcome that in this year with a show at the legendary Stubbs BBQ at their indoor venue. I have seen many shows at their outdoor venue “The Waller Creek Amphitheater” but this was my first experience with their indoor venue and it was to see Electric Six, one of the most exciting bands to see live out there!

After walking in and taking my seat at the bar, I could not wait for this show to kick off! The environment was electric inside and you could just tell that what you were about to see was going to be life altering. Just when I could barely hold in my excitement and anticipation any longer, the concert being held outdoors ended. Which allowed the opening band, Northern Faces to walk on stage.

Northern Faces

I feel that the Northern Faces was a great opener for Electric Six. Their style is similar, but different enough to get you into the live music vibe yet leave room for the headliner to amp you up even more than you already are. The Northern Faces are a bad that I had never heard of before this show and they have some of the catchiest music that I have heard in quite a while.

Although their set was short, I feel they gave the crowd the embodiment of what their band is. A chill, focused, and honest band that really shows you their soul in every track. Some may even call them pop rock, but I feel they walk that line better than many bands that have come before them. I can’t wait until they come back thru Austin and I get a chance to see them again!

Electric Six

When it comes to bands that put on one hell of a show, I have heard rumors of what Electric Six can do. Finally getting he chance to see them at Stubbs was amazing and they not disappoint. The band’s lyrical genius Dick Valentine wore his signature suit, but his red collared shirt popped and made him look like a half mix between a bad ass vampire and an evil business man.

The pure rock fury this band is unapparelled to anything I had ever seen before. Whether they were rocking out and dancing around to their hits such as “Danger! High Voltage!” or “Gay Bar”, or some of their lesser known tracks. This band’s energy is off the charts and made me feel like I never wanted this show to end!

I felt like their concert was more of a stage show or a spectacle than a concert. Now this could have been due to the awesomely quaint venue inside of Stubbs BBQ which made it feel like you were watching the show in your friend’s back yard, or Electric Six make you feel like that anywhere they play. I think it was a little of both to be honest.

I hadn’t ever heard much of Electric Six’s music before this show, but I will tell that I am a fan now! I can barely keep this band off my Spotify account since the show. I will give them a solid 8 out of 10 and if you were not at this show, then you were absolutely missing out. Next time they come through your city do not miss them!

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