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Episode 26 (S2E1.5) Summary: Disney World Disgrace, Pot Town USA, & SexworkBB Interview Part2

Episode 26 Info

Episode 26
Season 2 Episode 1.5
Run Time: 1hr 25m 5s
Date Published: October 9th, 2017
Guests (Interview Part 2): Kyra Kane & Shaye Taylor (Hosts of the SexWorkBB Podcast)

Episode 26 Topics

– Japanese Press Conference Fiasco
– A Disgrace going on at Disney World
– Pot Town USA being Created
– Interview w/ SexWorkBB Podcast Hosts Kyra Kane and Shaye Taylor – Part 2

Topic Summary/Questions

Japanese Press Conference Fiasco

– What did the government officials lose at the press conference that caused a ruckus?
– What did they say in response afterwords?
– How did they try to remedy the situation?

Disney World Disgrace

– What are 1%’s doing at Disney World that is disgraceful?
– How secret is what they are doing?
– Do the guys think that Disney is involved?

Pot Town USA

– Where will Pot Town USA be?
– How much will be invested n this town?
– Do the guys like the idea of this?

Interview: SexWorkBB Podcast Part 1

The guys sit down and talk with Kyra Kane and Shaye Thomas, the hosts of the SexWorkBB Podcast. The podcast discusses different aspects of the sex work industry. The hosts are experts in that field as Shaye and Kyra are webcam models themselves. They hope to educate people about the sex work industry and kill stigmas and stereotypes of sex workers.

During the interview we talk about what being a “Cam girl” entails and the different challenges and perks they face on a day to day basis in their professional and personal lives. This is Part 2 of 2 of their interview.

Its an extremely interesting podcast and everyone should click the links below to check them out and subscribe.

Listen to Season 2 Episode 1.5 (Episode 26) on Sound Cloud below:

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SexWorkBB Podcast Interview
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