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The Crazy Town Podcast: Episode 13 Related Links

Episode 13 Related Links
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Show Notes / Episode Summary

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Here are all related links to the topics discussed in Episode 13 of The Crazy Town Podcast:

An Unlucky Baseball Player

Unlucky Baseball Player Hit with Baseball 3 Times in 1 Trip Around the Bases

Unlucky Names of Real People

Unlucky Names of Real People with Photos

Unluckiest People in the World

7 Unluckiest People in the World

Friday the 13th Unlucky News

13 Year Old Boy Struck By Lightning on Friday 13th at 13:13PM

“Alive” Plane Crash Happens on Friday the 13th

Second Plan Crash on Friday the 13th, Same Day as “Alive” Plane Crash

Tupac Dies from His Gunshots on Friday the 13th

Costa Concordia Ship Crashes on Friday the 13th

Unlucky Criminals

Robbers Lose Part of Their Cash Due to Wind

Robbers Attempt to Rob McDonald’s Full of French Military

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