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Episode 10 Summary: Teaching Dolphins English and Other Adventures

Episode 10 Info

Episode 10
Season 1
Run Time: 29m 04s
Date Published: 4/3/17
Co-Hosts/Guests: TNT Dinomight

In This Episode Jonaas and TNT Dinomight Ramble About:

This is a very special edition of The Crazy Town Podcast. For our 10th Episode we got a story that gets so crazy that we needed a whole episode to discuss it. There are about five different levels of weird and crazy in this story and is true to form of somethign that belongs in The Crazy Town. We originally were going to talk about this story as one segment of this episode, but there was just too much to limit its natural flow and we just let it go. Enjoy.

– An Experiment from the 60’s that Tried to Teach Dolphins English

Topic Summary/Questions

An Experiment from the 60’s that Tried to Teach Dolphins English

– Where did the lady come from that worked directly with the dolphins to teach them English?
– What did she have scientist John Lilly do to the lab to help her be withe the dolphins more?
– How many hours a day did she decide she needed to spend with the dolphins?
– What did she do with the Dolphins that she didn’t mind of others watched?
– What magazine was so enthralled by this, that they did an article on it? (It’s not known for its journalism)
– What started happening to the scientist in charge of this experiment midway through?
– What happened to the dolphins once the experiment was over? What caused it?
– What actual piece of scientific info did we learn about dolphins from this article?
– What did Margaret do after the experiment was over? and where did she live?

and finally…

– Did the dolphins learn English?

Listen to Episode 10 on Sound Cloud below:

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