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Episode 8 Summary: Quartet of Chaos

Episode 8 Info

Episode 8
Season 1
Run Time: 38m 10s
Date Published: March 6, 2017
Co-Hosts/Guests: TNT Dinomight, Chachmyer, & Jinxed

In This Episode Jonaas, TNT Dinomight, Chachmyer, and Jinxed Ramble About:

– A Creepy Statue that Should Have Never been Created
– The Comfy Clothes Strategy
– Unique Fried Food Extravaganza

Topic Summary/Questions

A Creepy Statue that Should Have Never been Created

– What type of Statue is causing such a ruckus with the Crazy Town Folks?
– What was TNT Dinomight’s first thoughts and what made him completely change his mind?
– What does Chachmyer say the foot placement reminds him of?

The Comfy Clothes Strategy

– What the hell is a transitional hat? Chachmyer explains this theory.
– Are an undershirt and boxers you have been wearing all day considered a set of comfy clothes?
– Is it different for the woman of the bunch? What is her opinion on changing into Comfy Clothes?

Unique Fried Food Extravaganza

– What are the weirdest friend foods that each of us have ever encountered?
– What’s keeping TNT Dinomight from indulging himself with a “Fat Elvis on a Stick”??
– Which of the unique fried foods would each of the hosts try if they had a chance?

Listen to Episode 8 on Sound Cloud below:

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