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Episode 7 Summary: Three Dudes in a Garage and Beer

Episode 7 Info

Episode 7
Season 1
Run Time: 25m 19s
Date Published:February 20,2017
Co-Hosts/Guests: TNT Dinomight & Chachmyer

In This Episode Jonaas, TNT Dinomight, & Chachmyer Ramble About:

– 68 Chinese Students Being Rused by a Shyster
– The Last 2 Topping Pizza on Earth
– Hollyweed New Year’s Prank Thoughts

Topic Summary/Questions

68 Chinese Students Being Rused by a Shyster

– What did a shyster do to trick 68 Chinese college students?
– How long did it take them to figure it out? (Hint: It’s not a short time)
– What causes Dinomight to take a sharp turn about the way he feels about his scam?

The Last 2 Topping Pizza on Earth

– If you could only eat the same 2 topping pizza for the rest of your life, what toppings would you pick?
– Why does Chachmyer feel wronged by Jonaas and Dinomight?
– Will anyone even pick a vegetable for either of their 2 toppings??

Hollyweed New Year’s Prank Thoughts

– What do the guys think about changing the Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed?
– What is Chachmyer’s speculation about how this plan came to be??
– Do the guys think this vandal will be caught?

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