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Episode 2 Summary: The 2nd One Actually Happened

Episode 2 Info

Episode 2
Season 1
Run Time: 24m 4s
Date Published:January 17th, 2017
Co-Hosts/Guests: None

In This Episode Jonaas Rambles About:

– The Ins and Outs of Urinal Etiquette
– The (Un)Importance of Security Guards
– A Folger’s Coffee Commercial about Incest

Topic Summary/Questions

Urinal Etiquette

– Which “rules” does Jonaas agree with?
– How many of the “Urinal Rules” do you follow?
– What happened to Jonaas at a urinal that he thought he might get arrested?

Security Guards

– What does Jonaas feel security guards are good for?
– What steps should security guards take before getting their job?
– How would the security guard at my work stop a perpetrator?

Folger’s Commercial

– Jonaas breaks down the commercial and its extended parody.
– Why did Folger’s make a commercial so strange?
– Does it makes sense where the brother was returning from in the commercial?

Listen to Episode 2 on Sound Cloud below:

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