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Episode 1 Summary: Inaugural Episodes are the Episodiest!

Episode 1 Info

Episode 1
Season 1
Run Time: 26m 36s
Date Published:January 16th, 2017
Co-Hosts/Guests: None

In This Episode Jonaas Rambles About:

– Setting Expectations for the Podcast
– Scattergories Engulfing my Weekend
– The Dumpster Fire that is the Cleveland Browns
– A Boxer’s Inability to Control his Emotions

Topic Summary/Questions

Setting the Podcast’s Expectations

– I do an extravagant job of setting the expectations for this podcast so low, that in the future I can do nothing but impress you.

– I touch base on a slew of things from what type of person I am, the consistency of topics, podcast regularity, and who provided the music for our theme song.

– I know this sounds about as exciting as anything could ever be, but you have to start somewhere. Don’t judge me.


– How did the Scattergories app end up engulfing my entire weekend?
– What was I fighting for that had absolutely no bearing on anything important in real life?
– This app is a cheating piece of shit and what I did to use it to my advantage.
– Did I successfully stomp out the dreams of a high school girl?

The Dumpster Fire that is the Cleveland Browns

– The Browns are cruising towards the 2nd ever zero win season.
– What is one fan organizing if the Browns do hit this feat of ultimate futility?
– How can going 0-16 could be a positive thing for the Browns?

BONUS TOPIC: A Boxer’s Inability to Control his Emotions

– What crazy shit did a boxer do at his press conference?
– How did it end up negatively effecting his life?

Listen to Episode 1 on Sound Cloud below:

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